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Ask For Feedback!

Imagine going to a school with no teacher or books. How much would you learn? Zip? In order to learn, you must have information - right? You ask questions and the teacher answers. You receive feedback to your questions from the teacher, other students, and the books.

Feedback is also a critical element when selling your home. Your representative offers information and ideas. Add this to the knowledge you already posses, and you can make informed decisions about an adking price, terms, and the condition in which you will offer your home. Feedback after each showing insures a successful sale.


Each time you home is shown, ask for feedback about the prospect's response. One response does not tell the entire story.

Many similar responses do. For example, one prospect says the bedrooms are too small. Maybe - just for that one prospect.

After five showings, however, four of the prospects mentioned the excessive traffic noise from a nearby freeway. None offered to purchase the home. That feedback may carry a message that the price may be too high for the value offered. Maybe a privacy fence should be installed as a buffer. An adjustment may be necessary.

Ask for and learn from feedback. Adjust your approach as necessary. Learn from the comments of prospects and your home is as good as SOLD. 



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