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Beat The Competition

Today's real estate market is HOT! Interest rates have been low for several years and many properties sell quickly - even overnight. Some attract multiple offers. If you're serious about buying a home, you may want to beat the competition to the punch to find the right home.

Two steps can give you the advantage over all other buyers. First, choose an agent and be prepared to tell your life history -really. Explain every aspect - every wish, want & desire - of your plans to buy a home. List all the features you hope to find, locations you prefer, and any special requirements you may have.


Explain your financial picture in detail and ask the agent to help you get a loan commitment before you begin looking at homes. Once approved for a loan, nothing should stand in the way of finding the perfect property.

Next, ask the agent to let you know every time a new property is listed which meets your requirements - even daily if necessary. You, in turn, must be prepared to look at homes within hours of the agent's alert to new listings.

Being the first to visit a new listing is a golden opportunity. Procrastinate, and you may lose a chance at just the right home. Be prepared to buy and...beat the competition!



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