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Be Ready

Buying a home soon? What comes first? What steps can improve your chances of making a successful purchase?

First - evaluate your present situation. Do you currently own a home? If so, will you sell before making another purchase? Are you renting? How much time is left on your lease?

If you are a property owner, ask an agent for a "market analysis" of your home. It includes a suggested price range, terms, needed improvements, probable selling time, and a "net" sheet showing the proceeds you may expect to receive. If leasing, the expiration date will help set a timetable for your purchase.


Next ask the agent for a list of mortgage lenders. Set up a meeting with the lender to determine the best loan terms. Ask for a loan commitment before beginning your home search. This allows you to bargain with sellers from a position of strength.

Next make a list of features you expect in your next home. Write down favorite locations, an acceptable price range, number of bedrooms and baths, and other amenities. Be specific. Your list makes it easier to recognize the right home.

Finally, provide the information you have gathered to the agent of your choice, and ask to be shown a selection of homes that match your criteria. By following a logical, step-by-step, purchase agenda, you can enjoy a worry free home purchase.



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