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Build Buyer Muscle!

Before you could compete in the Olympics, it's a safe bet that you would want to do some strength and aerobic training. How could you hope to compete if you weren't fit for the competition?

Planning to buy a home? Hmmm. Are there some things you could do to prepare for the event? What septs could you take to convince sellers you are a sincere, motivated buyer, capable of purchasing their home?

First, get you finances in order. Ask the real estate agent to set an appointment with a mortgage lender. By providing information about debts, employment, etc., you may obtain a firm mortgage commitment before ever beginning your home search. What property owner wouldn't be pleased to know that you already had loan approval?


Next, when you find the right home, offer a substantial earnest money deposit. Again, sellers are looking for the most promising of buyers. Even though they will not receive your deposit money until closing, they will react positively to your larger deposit offer, believing you to be a more substantial buyer.

Using the suggestions above, your purchase offer may be given more favorable consideration, allowing you to edge out less qualified buyers. Look for other ways to strengthen your buying position too. Each added benefit to the seller may increase your chances of "going for the gold!"



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