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Don't Invite The Public

Selling your home? Here's an easy recipe for making your phone ring: place a "For Sale" sign in your yard and an ad in the newspaper. Take that advice and your telephone could ring early and often.

Unfortunately, the traffic jam of "buyers" created by ringing phones may have no relation whatsoever to the early sale of your home. Your sign and ad may simply have aroused the curiosity of the general public. You can verify that statement by qualifying prospects with personal questions about their financial position. Most will hang up or leave without answering your questions.


The same financial questions, when asked by a real estate associate, become business questions which are quickly answered by serious buyers. By qualifying prospects before showing them your home, your agent can weed out the curious, the unqualified, and the unmotivated. That is one of the most valuable services you receive when represented by a professional.

Before accepting a contract to purchase your home, be certain the buyers have the financial ability to complete the sale. Ask your agent for details upon which to base your decision, then make your decision with confidence.

Selling your home will not happen by accident. Be informed about market conditions, recent sale prices and available financing, then choose a real estate representative to provide a buyer ready, willing and able to purchase your home!



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