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Expect A Wide Selection

Ever responded to an eye-catching ad for an attractive dress or suit? What if you drove to the store and found only one item in stock, in only one size? What if the price seemed high, yet you had no way to compare it with others? A ridiculous story? Of course-since most of us shop at stores with ample inventory in a variety of colors, sizes, styles and prices.

When buying a home, you could face that situation if you respond to a "by owner" advertisement. The owner has only one piece of inventory, a virtual "take it or leave it" situation making price comparisons difficult.


Look at home buying a a process, not a single act. It requires knowledge of your buying power, your ability to secure mortgage financing. You'll need a knowledge of the area, and your preferences as to size, style and features. Finally, you should be able to comparison shop, sizing up a number of fairly priced homes before making your decision.

To accomplish all steps in the home buying process, select a real estate agent to help locate the right home. The agent will lead you through the buying process, and locate a variety of suitable homes at fair prices. Because an agent can show you virtually any home being offered for sale, you only need the services of one.



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