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So - you're planning to buy a home. Should you be looking at your prospective purchase as your "forever" dream home, or merely as a stepping-stone on your life's path?

Back in the 1950's, families generally bought their homes with no thoughts of reselling. They looked for comfort and security for their growing families. Breadwinners rarely changed jobs more than once or twice in a lifetime. A home was their "place" for life.


How things have changed. Today, job changes are considered oppirtunities for growth, leading to sudden changes in residence without a second thought. Younger homeowners may spend only three years in a property, and often look for homes with the best promise of rapid appreciation.

If you belong to the latter group, and consider yourself independent minded, techno-savvy, and value-conscious, your objectives may differ from other home buyers. Ask the real estate agent for factual data which supports the asking price of homes being considered. Look for financing alternatives like Adjustable Rate Mortgages which offer immediate relief from the higher monthly payments on traditional 30-year mortgages.

To achieve the maximum resale equity possible, choose growing, fast-paced areas. Search for simple, functional designs likely to be attractive to others over the short-haul, say two to three years. Finally, avoid investing more money later by choosing a home which already has the amenities you want. 



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