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Get A Good Title!

When you purchase your next home and receive your deed, how can you be sure you are receining clear title? In fact, how can you even be sure the sellers are the present owners?

When purchasing real estate, you should be receiving the highest and best deed available - a "General Warranty" deed. By giving you this deed, sellers warrant that they own the property and will defend you against any and all claims to the property by others.


As further assurance, you should always have a "title search" performed by an attorney. This search determines the history of title to the property, and identifies any judgements, liens, or claims by others which may be an impediment to good title. If any are discovered, they must be eliminate prior to passing of title to the buyers. One additional step insures that buyers are receiving good title. Called "title insurance", this insurance pays legal costs associated with defending title should a claim occur later. In the unlikely event that a title defect is established, the insurance will pay up to face value of the policy - usually an amount equal to the purchase price.

When purchasing your next home, be certain that your purchase contract calls for the seller to deliver a "General Warranty" deed - then ask for title insurance. It's inexpensive and provides great peace-of-mind.



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