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Looking For A Bargain

Ever shopped a "bargain basement" sale at a large department store? Merchandise that has not sold at full price and other lower quality merchandise is offered on the "basement" level at real bargain prices. Many people try on the merchandise, point out flaws to sales clerks, and bargain for even better prices.

On the upper floors of the store, it is "business as usual". Serious shoppers looking for quality merchandise at fair prices quietly make their purchases from service-minded attendants. Real estate is sometimes sold and purchase in much the same way.


Some sellers attempt a "by-owner" sale. With a sign in the yard a a few newspaper ads, they attract the real estate bargain-hunters of the world. These buyers inspect, bargain, knit-pick, and otherwise take up the seller's valuable time, expecting to save the brokerage fee and more.

Serious buyers, on the other hand, choose an agent to locate suitable, fairly priced homes. They receive other services too, such as help with mortgage financing, advice on schools, shopping, churches, etc., and other community information.

Want to sacrifice the equity in your home to bargain hunters? Wouldn't you prefer to sell your home to a qualified buyer with little inconvenience to you and your family? Consider the value of showcasing your home to the right clientele. A full fair price sale can be the result.



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