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Merchandising Matters

It's Saturday morning, and you plan to purchase a second vehicle. At the dealer, you find only two cars for sale - both the same year, make and model. Both bear the same price - $16,000. They look identical - until you inspect them.

The first is "good transportation", at best. It shows neglect, nicks, and scratches. The windows are smudged, the tires worn, and the antenna is missing. It starts grudgingly on the second try. Books and papers litter the back seat. After an abbreviated inspection, you turn your attention to the second car.


The spotless windows and gleaming finish promise satisfaction. The trim is flawless, and the tires have been scrubbed clean. Sitting at the wheel, the engine jumps to life, then settles down to an imperceptible idle. The interior sparkles. This car wins hands down.

Home buyers experience similar situations. They inspect comparable homes at similar prices, making value judgments as they drive up to each home. Their first impressions begin with the yard, driveway, and front door. Once inside an attractive, well-maintained home, buyers can sense the "pride-of-ownership" or its absence.

It is said that buyers make up their minds in the first five minutes, then spend the rest of the time rationalizing their decision. Wise property owners make certain their pride-of-ownership is clearly evident and often sell at full price.



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