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Buying a home brings up many questions. How well you find the right home out of the many for sale? How can you be certain the price is fair? How much cash will be required up-front? how will you know the house you choose is sound, with all systems operating properly? How much will the payments be and for how long?

Without the answers, uncertainty is sure to linger, possible delaying your quest for a new home. What's the answer? Ask a pro - a real estate agent with a reputation in the community for enthusiasm, sincerity, and fair-dealing. When you do, you'll learn there's a world of real estate education available for the asking.


Begin with a phone call request for an appointment to discuss you home-buying objectives. Before the appointment, make a list of those all-important questions.

None is too trivial or unimportant. Make a second list with the features, amenities, and locations you prefer.

During your appointment, the agent will ask questions too. Be prepared to discuss your timeline for making a purchase, your financial ability to complete a purchase, and the plans you have for selling your existing home. The agent has the knowledge required to research the market for suitable homes, then begin setting appointments to see them.

Go ahead, ask those questions. Then, enjoy your new home.



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