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Not many years ago, "put your money down and take your chances" was considered normal procedure when buying a home. The latin term "caveat emptor" or "Let the buyer beware" only reinforced the fact that it was the buyer's responsibility to discover defects which might exist in a home.

It's wake-up time. When selling your home today, two bits of advice will serve you well and produce a more satisfactory sale. First, disclose, disclose, disclose! Buyers expect it.


Today's home buyers are well informed and expect to be told about any and all shortcomings which may exist in a home. Property owners should openly disclose all known problems with plumbing, heating, water, sewage, drainage, roof, or structural systems.

The second advice to owners is: be prepared to correct any deficiencies in the home, preferable before it is put on the market. Again, buyers expect to purchase a home in good condition. Owners who defer needed repairs often receive low offers which reflect the condition of the home. It is not unusual for buyers to offer $2 less for every $1 in needed repairs.

If you plan to sell and your home needs repairs, take action now to correct them. Your agent can help by pointing out potential buyer concerns. Your action will take care of the rest providing an attractive, marketable home at the best price.



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