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Ask any marketing expert how to sell product, and you're likely to be asked to explain its "U.S.P" - its "Unique Selling Proposition". That's a fancy marketing term for "tell me what makes your product different than every other one on the shelf?".

When selling your home, you'll have plenty of competition. There may even be one or two homes right on your street for sale. So... what will make your home stand out in the mind of prospective purchasers? What's its U.S.P?


Here's just one excellent reason for being represented by a leading real estate professional. choose an agent with the disire, experience and education to identify what makes your home unique. Once determined, that agent will also know how to creat a marketing plan specifically designed to sell your home.

For example, your home's U.S.P. might bye a spacious, yet private, "mother-in-law" suite. It could have a unique workshop area, specially wired for power tools, or an in-home office area with internet access. You may be willing to offer uniquely attractive selling terms such as owner financing, or a below-appraisal price.

What makes your home special to interested buyers? Ask your agent to explain the marketing process in more deatil. Then, let your home attract qualified buyers competing to own it at full price. 



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