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Get online. Check out the Internet. Find a home on the World Wide Web. Everywhere you turn, there's another reference to finding your next home on the Internet. What;'s the fuss all about?

Naturally, if you plan to buy, you'll want to look at a variety of homes before making a decision. They won't be found side-by-side in a gigantic parking lot waiting for your inspection however. Nor are they all alike, priced reasonable, and in first-class condition.


On the surface, it may seem logical to find a home on the Internet, then call the real estate agent for details. That could require a number of calls to many different agents. Consider a more relaxed, organized way of locating your next home.

Choose an agent first - before beginning your search.

Choose one agent, then explain your home purchase objectives. Tell the agent your style, price and location preferences. Ask to be pre-qualified for a mortgage. discuss details about specific features and amenities.

The agent will arrange a tour of suitable homes at your convenience, allowing you to see each one first-hand, up close. Still want to browse around on the Internet? Fine, just remember to let the agent know you have chosen to set up all appointments. It's a no-hassle approach to a very important decision.



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